Integration of security systems and building automation

Just until recently basic integration on a small and medium objects covered only security systems protecting against fire and intruders. These days, for energy saving purposes and to facilitate the management, building automation and measuring devices are being included as well. When expanding their security and automation systems on an object, investors are more and more willing to combine them into one system instead of building two separated systems. This way they are looking for economizing and increasing functionality.


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IFTER EQU – new quality in commercial objects monitoring

A new IFTER EQU software, designed to support Local Monitoring Centers (LMC), will very soon replace InPro BMS, a software which has been known on the market for 15 years. Many years of experience and hundreds of projects are the foundation of this new software. Our main goal remains the same: increasing an object's security, as well as creating the possibility to manage both building automation systems and measuring systems data.

IFTER EQU integrates devices which form security systems, automation and measuring systems located on site. Software is designed to be easily operated, which helps to significantly increase the efficiency of an object's whole security system. IFTER EQU offers great visualization as well. It is very difficult to build an efficient security system without IFTER EQU. The efficiency of all security systems (Intruder and Hold Up Alarm Systems – I&HAS, Fire Alarm Control Panel – FACP, Access Control System – AC, and Closed-circuit Television – CCTV) is significantly higher, if we add visualization to the mix and also, when those systems are integrated correctly. This solution allows, among other things, to verify the fire alarm through I&HAS (PIR detector also detects when the temperature increases), as well as CCTV.


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