acc ACCEQU ACC is a modern access control and time attendance management system developed in cooperation by IFTER and MicroMade.

IFTER is a recognized manufacturer of software for visualisation and management of safety and automation at industrial, commercial, military, public and other premises.
MicroMade is a manufacturer of advanced electronic technologies, with long-standing experience in developing access control devices, RFID readers, and employee time and attendance management systems.
The system developed cooperatively by IFTER and MicroMade is a result of many years of their experience in the field. It includes a lot of innovative solutions which make it a unique product that can satisfy high safety standards of investors. 

The system has got a standard capacity of 32 000 users, but thanks to a unique system identifier it can recognise even 4 billion users. It can register as many as 65 000 declared controlled passages. Thanks to the TCPiP communication protocol and the possibility to transfer data not only within local, but also public network (Internet), there are no limits to the location of devices functioning within one installation. Safety of transferred data is guaranteed by advanced encryption mechanisms. The system can operate in on-line mode (can send data to a server on a continuous basis) or off-line mode (can perform access functions without computer participation).

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