equ elastycznosc 10Multiple workstations

With the use of advanced technology we were able to build a multi-station system for both PCs and mobile devices. All your data is stored in a database developed by a world leader, Oracle. Thanks to this solution, the system is stable and reliable. IFTER EQU is able to present the status of devices on multiple stations at the same time. The operator is able manage device control from anywhere within the network. He can also implement the same set of functions and properties on each workstation. Due to security mechanism which protects access and transmission, your work becomes safe and more flexible.


Multiple languages

IFTER EQU supports multiple languages. Language is set according to the operating system. If the OS language is not Polish, IFTER EQU will automatically convert to English. We equipped our software with a number of mechanisms that will allow you to translate or adjust your messages and events to any language you desire. In order to support as many versions as possible, we designed special keyboards displayed on touch panels, on which you can introduce a password or a comment. Thanks to multiple languages available in our system, you can work on any version you want and – if needed – change your settings even temporarily.

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