elastycznoscWe are an independent company, working with a variety of producers, such as Siemens, Honeywell, Hikvision, Metel and many other. Our partners specialize in devices for security systems and building automation. Our communication interface for device control is based on both dedicated and open protocols, which enable maximum efficiency in everyday work. By staying in constant communication with our clients, we are able to add more and more features and devices. All integrations are supported by a unified software, so that operator doesn’t have to know everything about every single device. Instead, he can just implement all the necessary functions and enjoy the most efficient security and automation system.


Easy configuration and control

IFTER EQU is equipped with multiple mechanisms to automate configuration process. Now an operator can add the devices and create visualization really easily. Configuration is quick and holds the minimum risk of faults. User can adjust both view and functions. With this kind of flexibility, not only it is easier to manage day-to-day work. You can also meet specific requirements, depending on the object. Our system works with integrated algorithms. It facilitates data control and allows to prioritize events. In addition, you can implement touch panels. By organizing everyday work, you can use IFTER EQU in the most efficient way, improving your overall security system in the process.. 


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